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Department of Biology Education

  Study life sciences at Stockholm university! Stockholm is often called the "Venice of the north" due to the combination of a beautiful city and the renowned archipelago integrated deeply inside the city centre. Stockholm offers a rich social life both on and off campus.

  Undergraduate studies in Biology are organized by the Department of Basic Biology Education, abbreviated BIG. For more information, you can contact our student counsellor Birgitta Åkerman. Postgraduate studies and research in Biology are carried out at three different departments. The Biology departments are located in modern buildings. They are well furnished with laboratory instruments and equipment, with which the students are encouraged to develop their proficiency. In addition, there is a variety of natural study areas available on or near campus.


  At present we offer 10 master's programmes in biology and molecular biology at Stockholm University. Almost all of these are possible to take even if you don't speak Swedish, there will be at least one eligible course held in English at any given time. You will find descriptions below to the various master programmes offered at the Arrhenius laboratories, Stockholm University.

  The department of Biology education administrates both traineeships and research traineeships. Please note that research traineeships are sometimes also referred to as internships. If you want to know more of general guidelines and how to apply, please continue reading. Most of our advanced courses are taught in English. For an updated list, click the link below.

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  We have collected a number of useful links, covering aspects of studying and living in Stockholm.


If you are a foreign student and want to apply to courses and/or programmes, please visit www.universityadmissions.se.
If you want to apply for a degree project, are an Erasmus+ student or doing your first year on one of our Master's programmes, you can choose your courses in our database.